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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Stand for Yourself?

Stand for Yourself is one of a kind initiatives to empower self-represented litigant to access justice and consult/hire lawyers using limited scope or special purpose retention. Stand for Yourself is a non-profit organization that has a stated mission of coaching and empowering individuals and small business owners to manage their legal issues “efficiently” and “cost-effectively.”

Does Stand for Yourself compete with lawyers?

NO, Stand for Yourself supports primarily individual and business owners who earns $30k-$100K annually, although its service is open for everyone. Within this demography, individual do not believe and do not hire lawyers. However, they can need and afford lawyers for limited scope and special services. Stand for Yourself is an avenue for lawyers and legal services to access this demography.

Does Stand for Yourself provide legal advice?

NO, Stand for Yourself is an information source and it provides guidance and access to lawyers who accept limited scope/special purpose retention.

What is the structure of Stand for Yourself?

Stand for Yourself is a not-for-profit corporation federally registered in Canada.

What avenue will Stand for Yourself deliver its services?

Through different avenues including publications such books, news letter, special report, and guided court manuals for self-represented litigants, the directory of law for services available to self-represented litigants, courses to educate self-represented litigants, seminars, online academy and forums, etc. These services are launching in 2016 and the right time to engage is NOW.

How to partner with Stand for Yourself?

There are many avenues to partner with Stand for Yourself. (1) Your services have to include limited scope or special purpose offering. (2) You must contribute to the publication of Stand for Yourself at any of its activities. (3) You should check our forthcoming books and publication.

What are the laws that Stand for Yourself help with?

Stand for Yourself supports self-represented litigants in any civil matters. We do not deal with any Criminal matters.

What are the differences between Stand for Yourself and Court Information Centers?

Stand for Yourself is a complementary to Court Information Centers. The Court Information Centers provide superior service to specifics such as application or a step in the court. Stand for Yourself provides more information on the End-to-End process, provide lists of lawyers that are interested to help self-represented litigant. Educate and train self-represented litigants on Court material and etiquette.

Stand for Yourself provides its clients with different solutions for alternative dispute resolution that are alternative to Court. Stand For Yourself works with different forms of conflict resolutions.

What are the difference between Stand for Yourself and Legal Aid and

Stand for Yourself supports those with social and financial barrier that cannot afford lawyers, who do not qualify for legal aid services.

What the difference between Stand for Yourself and Calgary Legal Guidance?

Calgary Legal Guidance provides legal advises and access to lawyers. Stand for Yourself is a complementary service that coaches self-represented litigants on how to manage their cases.

What the difference between Stand for Yourself and Pro-Bono Lawyers?

Pro-Bono is a free or discounted legal service that provides legal advises. Stand for Yourself is a complementary service that coaches self-represented litigants to maximize the use of the Pro-Bono service by better arranging their file or materials.

If someone has a lawyer, can she/he benefit from the services of Stand for Yourself?

Definitely yes, we have several litigants who retain lawyer of the record but they use our service. You can check the testimonial on our site.

What are the Jurisdictions that Stand for Yourself service cover?

Stand for Yourself provides support and help to all types of civil courts in Canada, with initial focus on Alberta. We support self-represented litigants in provincial, superior, appeal courts. We also provide support to self-represented litigants in different Federal Courts and Tribunes.   Our services are limited to information, education and training on the efficient and cost-effective ways to access justice.

Is Stand for Yourself a government initiative?

NO, Stand for Yourself is not a government initiative; it is a vision of a group of self-represented litigants who serves self-represented litigants. Stand for Yourself is working closely, collaborate and consult different government agencies and ministries to provide the best service to self-represented litigants.

How do I know the quality of service and response on Stand for Yourself?

Due the confidentiality nature of our service, we cannot share our client list. However, we are able to obtain 50+ quotes and testimonial in the last month, that are posted on our website.

Stand for Yourself projected that in 2015, in Canada has 100,000+ self-represented litigants who are in need of help including 24,000+ in Alberta alone, in different court system. AND Growing!

What are the examples of the services of Stand for Yourself ?

The self-represented litigant series is an example of the many publications. The forthcoming book The non-legal guide to Win Your Case is an example of the publications. The Directory of Law is the only comprehensive source of services available for self-represented litigants. The Dictionary of Law (Planned for Mid 2016) it provides self-represent litigants with plain English language information.

How do I get engaged as a partner with Stand for Yourself ?

Please visit http://www.standforyourself.com/partners or email partners@standforyourself.com or contact any of our management team.


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