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Future Promotional Campaigns

When you advertise in this book, you will benefit from the massive promotional campaigns that will be initiated from the launch of this book.  Here is a sample of some of the campaigns that we have at our disposal. These are samples only. Not all of these campaigns will be launched, and not all at the same time.

Some of the companies listed have not yet fully committed to the related campaign, and discussions are on-going. This is a list of potential proposed activiities, not a final plan.

  1. Wael Badawy speaking at partner events.  Partners have numerous events that they sponsor and/or organize that serve the public , and in particular those having an average income of $30,000 – $100,000+ annual income. The topics of court processes and procedures for those with this average income and/or small businesses are criticial and so there is a huge need to have down-to-earth information available. His talks are very lively, practical and non-academic and focus on how the audience can access limited scope or special legal help.

  2. Partner by co-sponsoring our book launch tour. We will be creating a multiple city tour; initially there will be a 10 city tour in April 2016.  The tour will be accompanied by a massive publicity campaign, a charity tie-in, and an advertising campaign that will include social media efforts, radio, paint, local billboards, and a ticket giveaway campaign.

  3. A Seminar Tour to the General Public. After the initial launch we are planning a multi-city (30) seminar tour. Our goal is to have seminars with between 500-1000 individuals and business owners per event, at which the public will hear an awesome 60 minutes talk by Wael Badawy. Each event will include a major local PR and media campaign. Local media personalities and dignitaries will also be invited to speak and/or host events. This will provide a very powerful sponsorship opportunity for the right partners.

  4. Educational products. We will be creating educational products such as videos, cds, and workbooks to assist self-represented litigants to help them understand the court and litigation processes. We will explain different strategies to give them the power to manage and control their ligation. We will explain in detail how to hire and retain lawyers for limited scope or special purpose, and we will provide them access and referral to a list of partner firms and lawyers who will accept such tasks.

  5. Contests & Sweepstakes. Stand For Yourself will be creating massive social media exposure via exciting contests and sweepstakes by offering numerous prizes including valuable related prizes, possibly even culminating in an all expense paid trip. The benefit to sponsors in building online communities and databases will be great.

  6. Sponsoring fund-raisers for charities. One kep campaign we are developing is a complete fund-raising system to benefit partner charities. Essentially, we will give them a complete system to promote, organize, and host a valuable seminar to the public and thereby raise thousands of dollars for their organization. We will provide all of the collateral marketing materials, email invitations, full follow-up sequence of emails, online banners, Facebook and Twitter campaigns, marketing website, fully automated registration system, tickets, posters, ads, and radio spots. Wael Badawy will speak for them and promote their cause. While in their cities, he will also conduct media appearances, driving people to the fundraiser event.  Sponsors will benefit via exhibiting, co-branding, lead generation, gift bags, banners, possibility speaking and more. One variation is that we conduct an event for professionals in the afternoon and one for the public in the eventing, thus minimizing costs and the author’s time. Wael Badawy has chosen to contribute the proceeds of this book to the following charities:

  1. Special editions of this book, We are in discussions with several national organizations and national retailers to produce a special edition of the book.  These books would then be distributed to the end-user via creative giveaways on radio, social media, print, etc. They would also be very suitable as a value-added giveaway to the public. The minimum order will be 10,000 copies of the book.

  2. Promotional campaign for retailers. We are in discussions to develop and launch a promotional campaign that major companies sponsor in their client retail stores. This will involve a major Facebook initiative with radio, blogs, social media, and contests to build up a major community of followers.

  3. Book Giveaway Program. We are in talks with a number of companies about how we might offer up to $100,000 of FREE Books as a way to raise awareness for our charities.

  4. Wael Badawy Referral Network. This will be a global network of professional and companies and not-for-profits of individuals and/or small businesses. To be in the Referral Network, practitioners would agree to purchase a certain amount of books every quarter.

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